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What is the Oxygen Beauty Spa?

Watch the video to discover how the Oxygen Beauty Spa rejuvenates the health and beauty of your skin using a natural oxygen therapy treatment.

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Oxygen Beauty Spa Benefits

Learn about oxygenated water therapy and how it can enrich your skin's health and appearance.
Anti Aging Flower floating in water


Looking for a beauty treatment to decrease signs of aging? Learn how using the Oxygen Beauty Spa will increase cell regrowth and skin metabolism.

Rejuvenate and Refresh fruit splashing in water

Rejuvenate & Refresh

Are you looking to improve your skin's overall elasticity and tone? Look no further! Find out how this treatment will do all that and more!

Balance and restore stacked stones on water

Balance & Restore

Do you feel worn out and lack time for yourself? This treatment is simple, easy, and convenient! With the Oxygen Beauty Spa you'll feel and look refreshed!

woman enjoying her clear and even face fresh out of the shower

Clear & Even

Do you have breakouts and other skin imperfections? The Oxygen Beauty Spa treatment will help to clear blemishes and improve your overall skin tone!

How Much is it and How Can I Buy?

The Oxygen Beauty Spa is only $2,497.50* + shipping! Simply contact us via chat, email, or phone for more details, including optional white glove service and we'll place the order for you. This is a limited time offer.

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*Shipping is $300 per unit in the continential US with optional white glove service available for an additional $150 per unit.

The Oxygen Beauty Spa

Oxygen Beauty Spa Product Shot

Oxygen Beauty Spa

This skin health and beauty treatment is perfect for you. You the Parent, the Grandparent, the Career Professional, the Friend: You.

Benefits image of a unit


Be delighted with the benefits you'll receive from the super-oxygenated micro bubble water treatment of the Oxygen Beauty Spa.

Woman enjoying the features of her oxygen beauty spa


You will be thrilled at how simple and easy your health and beauty treatment is and how quickly you'll see the transformation from the oxygen.


Discover the Oxygen Beauty Spa

How amazing would it be to have an oasis of therapeutic skin treatments and relaxation whenever you wanted them? What if you could have a wellness spa experience in the privacy of your own home; at any hour of the day or night? Well, now you can.

Learn How!
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Shawn Diddy is a Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach. She spent two decades in research and development of her four pillar "Find your F.L.O.W." program, which has helped many women find solutions to de-stress, look and feel great, and live their best lives. Shawn is the lifestyle and wellness expert for Water Rejuvenation Products and the Oxygen Beauty Spa.

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