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The Oxygen Beauty Spa

This skin health and beauty treatment is perfect for you. You the Parent, the Grandparent, the Career Professional, the Friend: You.

The Oxygen Beauty Spa is a self-contained, eco-friendly, soaking experience that gives you a peaceful spa beauty treatment right at home. This remarkable new health spa can transform how you look and feel. And it does it all with the natural soothing benefits of oxygen therapy and water in just 20 minutes a day. How amazing would it be to have an oasis of therapeutic skin treatments and relaxation whenever you wanted them? What if you could have a wellness spa experience in the privacy of your own home; at any hour of the day or night? Say "hello" to the Oxygen Beauty Spa.

How Much is it and How Can I Buy?

The Oxygen Beauty Spa is only $2,497.50* + shipping! Simply contact us via chat, email, or phone for more details, including optional white glove service and we'll place the order for you. This is a limited time offer.

Buy Now!

*Shipping is $300 per unit in the continential US with optional white glove service available for an additional $150 per unit.

How does oxygen improve your skin's health?

Our skin is a reflection of our health and well-being. We can all look younger, feel better, improve serotonin levels, promote skin cell regeneration and collagen production, and be kind to the environment, all simultaneously – while we also discover the beauty of the Oxygen Cloud. Some call it the fountain of youth. We call it amazing.

An oxygen rich soak is good for your health. Every cell in your body needs oxygen to live especially your skin which is exposed daily to many pathogens and atmospheric chemicals. The skin uses oxygen to kill bacteria, stimulate the immune system, promote healing, and to supply energy to the skin cells. By immersing the body in super-oxygenated water, oxygen enters the pores and hair follicles, and deep into the sebaceous glands. Oxygen improves the cell’s metabolic health to support cell regeneration in the basal layer.


size 74" L x 40" W x 29" H
weight dry/full 300/1000 lbs
water capacity 90 gallons
electrical 110V plug in
pump 1 speed circulation pump
Oxygen Cloud O2 pump
lights LED color light system
control panel interior-facing, backlit
filtration 1 filter
sanitization SmartChlor™ with minerals
insulation foam-filled
energy cover 1.5 lb density foam cover with linear heat seal, Weather Shield™ material • Charcoal Grey

Download your free brochure

Thank you for your interest in the rejuvenating Oxygen Beauty Spa! Simply download the brochure to take a peek at some of the beautiful images and compelling information.