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Customer Testimonials

You don't need to take our word for it! Many people have benefited from the Oxygen Beauty Spa and here is what they are saying about this transformative experience.

Many people have benefited from the Oxygen Beauty Spa!

Read the testimonials about how the O2 Cloud beauty treatment has improved the glow and health of our customer's skin, as well as rejuvenating their skin to give them a youthful look and overall tone.

Real Customer Testimonials

As a fitness and wellness trainer my clients are always asking for a treatment to make them look and feel more beautiful. After using the Oxygen Beauty Spa and experiencing the Oxygen Cloud, I can highly recommend this amazing product!
~ Jane • NM
Life at our Colorado altitude includes a lot of sun, a really dry climate and elevated UV exposure. Each week I get to work outside with horses and dusty barn chores too. So keeping my skin soft and healthy is a conscious concern. After each soak in the oxygen cloud, I can feel the softness and suppleness return. I absolutely love it!
~ Denise • CO
My experience trying out the oxygen beauty spa was pretty amazing! I found it very relaxing and soothing and my skin felt so smooth to the touch.
~ Tami • GA
I recently aggravated an old back injury and was almost unable to walk. My wife suggested getting into the spa to help it loosen up. I didn’t necessarily think going into the spa would alleviate the pain, but to my relief, it absolutely did! The pain wasn’t gone, but it definitely helped me get moving around again. The spa is a life saver in relaxing those muscles and preventing further injury. Thanks Oxygen Beauty Spa!
~ Scott • GA
“Mom, this makes my skin feel so good, and it helped my shoulder feel better too!” My daughter wanted to try the spa because it seemed “cool,” but what she got was so much more! She soothed her summer, sunburned skin and felt relief in her shoulder from her sports injury after just a few days in the spa. I have also seen the benefits in the hydration of my skin, which has also seen a bit too much sun this summer. After just 15 or 20 minutes in the spa, I find that my skin is more hydrated, I am more relaxed, and am looking forward to the next opportunity to get back in!
~ Sam • GA
After just that one treatment, my skin felt soft and hydrated. Normally, my skin feels dry and looks flaky after soaking in water for a while. Not with this! It looked like I had applied a glowy lotion all over.
~ Kizzy • CA
I was able to see the difference from just that one soak. I have extremely dry and flaky skin (especially my legs) my skin felt super soft, hydrated and supple.
~ Kusum • WA